Stop 32: Cartagena

We stayed in One Day hostel in Getsemani which is a really cool area with colorful walls in the streets. At night we got to talk to Jonas, where Wout just very simply asked the question: where are you from, and the conversation flows from there.

Jonas is a German mechanical engineering student who is travelling between semesters. Students are usually on a tight budget and when we were talking about dinner options, he opted for the cheaper pizza place where Wout and I went to a restaurant he used to go to. It was a good fit that Wout is actually willing to spend some more money on food. This is also something I came to realize that travelling in Backpacking hostels sometimes indicates that people are short on budget. After working for 2 years, spending a bit more money on comfort and food is actually not a problem anymore.

The restaurant was also quite cool which is called Las Indias. You can get lunch for 15k COP with amazing food. The owner himself actually went to Barcelona and a lot of places in Europe. That was also why we were able to talk a lot about different kind of topics such as cultures around the coast area. Maybe have been travelling does make people more open in some ways.

We also got to talk to Josh, who is from Australia. He will be traveling for a while and currently, he is collecting stories to write a book, I believe. Compared to the girl I met in Don Det, this sounds like a better motivation and he is also meeting his friends here as well. Funny enough when he talked to a short haired girl, I met this girl on my flight from Bogota to Leticia afterwards as well. (But this was just a 5 minute talk and she disappeared in Leticia again)

I also briefly remember a short conversation with a German medical student who spent like 4 months in Azaibaidjan studying some toxology I believe. I thought she was quite brave to go all by herself in Colombia.

Then there was also this Scottish girl called Kate. We had like a conversation of 10 minutes. We introduced ourselves and somehow started to make jokes already. Wout sent me a video and I was saying aloud that, Did you just send me a video wout? She went: wuh, that is really inappropriate. I said back: you know what is really inappropriate? let me open this video and play it in front of everybody. Well, we wanted to meet for another beer actually but in the end, we got stuck at Plaza del Trinidad again so we did not talk again.

That was actually it in Cartagena. We shortly visited the Nueva Lengua there as well. Quickly said hi to Anael and Naty, that was about it.

Some pictures:

Oh and the plankton tour. This was so magical and the most beautiful thing I have seen so far in my trip. If you want to do anything in Cartagena, please, do this.

Ah and on this boat I got into conversation with some girls from Chile, and 3 guys from NY who are going to start some accounting program at PWC.

Me, spending the last day in Arequipa, not sure when I will find another computer to use in the next weeks.

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