Hello World!

I still remember 19 years ago, when my flight took off from Shanghai to Munich, the expression on mom’s face. Although it was just for a short year, leaving what you have known for 40 years is something special. I never imagined that I could relate to that. Leaving Shanghai 2 times never struck me that much. Somehow today, I was not overwhelmed with excitement, but rather with the feeling that I will miss everything in Zurich. With the people especially. Over the last 3 years, it is only now that I realize what I had experienced and what I have now. Whatever broke me in 2017 is maybe the best thing that happened to make me experience what I experience now. It makes me feel alive and not just a walking zombie in the daily routines.

Now ahead to the adventures, feel the fear and do it anyway. Look laziness in the eye, pet him calmly and smile away.

Me, somewhere over the middle east.

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