Stop 10: Nha Trang

I arrived in Nha Trang early in the morning with the night bus.

But one funny thing was when I was picked up for the night bus. When I opened up the door of the mini van, I met Michi again. And there were another 2 Swiss girls in the van. A van full of Swiss people! And based on their face expression, they were surprised by an Asian speaking Swiss German too!

Being not too tired I decided to take a daily tour just as I did in Hue. The hostel did not recommend to ride by yourself so I decided to go for an easy rider. That is when I met Eddie Murphy.

So we started with the church in Nha Trang, did the pagoda on the church and went on along the coast side. When he were having coffee, he was of course pitching me his rides to other places. I had a quick thought about going to Dalat through the countryside and after seeing that some Swiss People in his booklet mentioned that it is really easy going with Eddie and there is no “Kaufzwang”. So I decided spontaneously to take a 2 day tour to Dalat through the country side. But also because so far, he gave me a good feeling about it since he is always smiling and not trying too hard.

Eddie also took me to the water fall and convinced me to go into the water even though I didn’t have anything with me and were wearing glasses. Just do it is what he some times says.

He also took me to the fields, showed me how to get rice from the rice fields and eat it. The cham ruin in the city was just overfilled with chinese tourists, 10 minutes were enough for that.

There was also Cao Dai and the mud bath. The Cao Dai being a weird religion in the region at the border to Cambodia. The mud bath is a good place to wind down a bit.

And Nha Trang really is just a huge touristic city filled with Chinese and Russian.

Me, after 3 days of Angkor and its temples, (not quite) ready for a last full day in Siem Reap and Cambodia. (not sure whether I still want to see more temples …)


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