Stop 2: Kaohsiung + Taichung

For the rest of the days in Taiwan, I didn’t really do much. We arrived in Kaohsiung late and just visited the biggest night market. We went to 旗津 next day and just chilled in the art district the day after before meeting a friend in 善化. That night, we went to taichung to stay in a friendly hostel named Ohana的天空 recommended by my friend. The owner would tell every guest to come down and share a story in the evening.

We arrived late and it seemed that some people may already have left the scene. That night, there were mostly university students who are doing their exams for master programs the next day. Looking at their faces, I realize how fresh they look.

The owner is a soft mid aged man who wants to let others know that getting to know other people can actually be the most interesting part of a trip. He said looking at Taiwan, the sceneries might not be the greatest on the world, but the people are an “attraction”. This is where we can learn a lot of new things and I totally agree with that. So far, people from Taiwan are really heart warming. (this is actually a topic that can be discussed further, just compare to the people in Zurich) Also a lot of the statements on the wall resonate with my current thoughts.

The below one says, no one that can decide what kind of person we should become, except ourselves.

is to find our way back home,
is to get to know ourselves better,
is to become someone interesting. (I believe I translated this sentence correctly, and using this as a base, my comment would be, we don’t need to travel to become interesting, there are different ways to become interesting, genuinely speaking, being interested and curious is what will make us an interesting person. Hence, this should not be a motivation to travel. Rather, that we are eager to discover new things. Becoming more interesting is merely a [possible] outcome of the travel. Be well noted that I added the word possible because looking at how chinese people travel, it is really not an enrichment to their lives.)

When you look at the owner, he has his own communication styles. He makes jokes about how he would prefer girls as guests rather than guys. It is difficult to describe it in exact words here (maybe I will try later), but he tries his best to loosen the pressure when strangers meet. He likes to craft things. For example he creates his own glasses by cutting the half of a normal beer bottle and smoothes the edges. The last night, he offered us to make a coin, where we can engrave our own words on it. I chose “Shit happens” with “Deal with it” on the back side.

The Taichung national museum is actually well made. Unfortunately I had to hurry to my next BBQ reservation so I had only 40 minutes to run through. The first exhibition comes with the explanation from the artist and this is exactly what I always miss in modern art expos. I need to find the explanations for the below two pics and attach them here too.

And for the last, some food pictures to conclude the whole week in Taiwan.

If you scrolled down here, you maybe have noticed that I was too lazy to format all the pictures and make space etc. But I am happy that you made it this far :). I will try to post less pics next post.

Me, drafted this 2,3 days ago in HK and finishing this up after a long day in Macau. (Holy fuck the the casinos are too big … [sry, never been to Vegas before])


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