Stop 24: Bangkok

My ticket to Bangkok was actually booked before the Myanmar travel since the visa application required you to bring a proof of your outward journey as well. Bangkok is the central hub for AirAsia anyway and you can find cheap flight onward to the next location easily.

After some tough weeks in Myanmar, my sole objective in Bangkok is just to get a suit for my next job. Fabian suggested a tailor shop for which he researched a lot. It is based on the silom road so I booked a hostel close there to check out the shop myself.

It is pretty easy to reach the hostel my metro and it was the last day of the water festival, which is called Songkran in Thailand, so I was also worried that I will get wet from the metro station to the hostel. I always tried to shout that I have a beg with me, and people are kind enough to only wet my legs … The hostel itself is a family run hostel and is quite cozy. In my 8 person room, there are actually only 2 people.

After a quick dinner, I met up with Eoin, whom I met in Yangon. The silom road is actually closed down for the traffic due to the water festival so that people can gather and go crazy. I arrived at Soi Cowboy and met also Eoin’s english teacher friend as well. Both them are dressed in Hawaii shirts and they look like the typical western people to party in Bangkok (Eoin’s friend reminded me of the mid aged guy in hangover, nothing negative). He also recommended me anothe tailor shop since the owner’s daughter goes to the school they are teaching.

Pic of cowboy street´╝Ü

The next day, I headed out to the several suit shops I noted for myself. First, Fabian’s is the closest but it was also closed due to the holidays. Next one is the Singapore guys recommendation 3 sky train stations away, closed too. Ok, further down the road there is Eoin’s recommendation, open, nice. The manager there was not the owner, but he knew what I was talking about. But the shop is not giving me a lot of advices and I felt unsure. So I headed out and got into the next shop which had a TripAdvisor badge on it. The tailor there was actually explaining me a lot about the differences in materias and so on, which felt way more sincere and sophisticated. After that shop I looked more on the internet and found one with even better reviews 1 station back. So I went for some sightseeing and came back to the shop later. This shop was also quite good in consulting and was also willing to give me some discount to win me as a long term customer. After a night of sleeping, I decided to go with this one.

Back at the hostel, I met my roommate (the other one left already). He went out last night was coming back very late/early. Then he had his friend here as well who asked me straight away whether I am gay or not … So finally I figured out that Silom road is actually a place to go out for the happy people. When I headed back out to the street after, I started to notice all the signs there are in the street, those quite typical outfit: tanktop, short swim shorts, and some even already hand in hand. Well, for the next time, I know.

I passed by Kaosan road, where you can find mostly just white people partying. Some bars have loud music and was trying to win the loudness war against the bar on the opposite side … ridiculous. And some people started to dance in the street with beers bought from the 7-eleven from the side. Oh yah, I was supposed to meet melissa who was my roommate in Dalat, and she forgot to write back … no worries, can happen.

So for the last day, I went for the first fitting and got somethings fixed and went back to the hostel to write some stuff for my blog. It was raining outside anyway so that was actually a nice afternoon with some nice air conditioning :).

And another pic of Silom. I really like the sky train and that the roads can be multi dimensional, like some fictional movies.

Me, staying in Medellin for the last night with the guest family before heading to Cartagena.


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