Stop 28 Singpore

Initially I was not sure whether I will be crossing Singapore at the right time or not because I considered it as a starting point of my trip. But I dedcided to make the effort to be there because family is family. Also, I have some friends in Singapore I can visit, plus, some ex work colleagues for CS.

The first 2 nights I stayed at Val’s place, a university friend of mine. He has been doing his PhD in Singapore since 3 years already. Cool to catch up again and get to know some funny stories about the local people from a Swiss guy’s perspective. Later I also met a Chinese friend who used to study in Zurich, someone I met in London with whom we played football together.

Meeting family is always fun. The cousin who is getting married actually left Shanghai roughly at the same time as I did. In those 15 years, we met only once, which was 10 years ago. We used to visit grandma together and I often went to the oldest cousin’s place because we lived close to each other. Well I don’t want to turn this into a tale of my family tree and you can find out more about the general Singapore attrations in other places too.

The other day I also wento to EXPO to visit the CS office so that I can meet some of my ex colleagues who I never saw face to face. When you only see the profile pictures and hear their voices, you have a certain picture of someone and when you actually meet them, things get mlre interesting. Some got thinner, some turned out to be older, some turned out to be cooler. It is somewhat like a Shroedingers box, you are so curious to find out what is in the box and once you know what is beneath, the magic is sort of gone.

After the wedding, a Swiss friend visited so we went to explore Singapore as well. We also made a day trip to Bintan Islands on the other side of Singapore which was pretty neat.

Otherwise, I did not meet any new people except the ones from the wedding. On that very short hectic day there was not much interactions going on since everybody was sort of busy preparing things and we, from a remote place, are not much of a help.

I do want to say that the Singapore wedding is way more chilled than the ones from Shanghai. The couple wouldn’t end up tired as fuck when everybody has left.

Now picture time

Ah some seafood. Large crab from Sri Lanka

The left is the oldest, other is the one who is getting married

The money shot, the one I like the most.

That actually shortly concludes the 12 days I spent in Singapore. Very densely packed post, good for catching up. And really these days in Singapore felt like living in a normal city. Modern transportation, meeting friends here and there.

Me, last night in Santa Marta, I feel pretty good to finish 3 posts, although the pictures seem to be gone, which I directly copy pasted. Now I am only 4 weeks behind! Publishing at the airport actually.

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