Stop 37: Lima

Many people on the road said that there were not many things to do in Lima. I stayed in Miraflores, a well developed part of Lima, which seemed safe, and modern.

In the end, all I did was walking around, a walking tour in the city center and enjoying some relatively good food for cheaper prices (compared to what you would get/cost in CH).

At the tour, I met a polish lady doing finance in London. She is now doing some months of holiday before moving to Barcelona to her boyfriend. I believe she was laid off and is now taking a break. I don’t know in which situation I would go to travel alone and leaving your other half at home. There was one Dutch guy as well, who did an internship in a hotel in NY and is now moving back to Holland to work in a luxury hotel which name I unfortunately forgot. There were also a Canadian couple I met from the hostel who were joining the tour. The guy studied at McGill (i know this one since one of my ex colleague studied there too) and will be working with product development at Apple.

I talked a bit to girl from the travel agency as well. She mentioned that Israel guys sometimes tend to be quite rude, and they never say thank you. I remember someone told me that they always be travelling in groups and sofar, I only met 3 in Laos, they seemed OK though.

In Miraflores, there are a lot of quite good restaurants for 30 bucks. I went to AmaZ the last night and ate at the bar. The bartender was very nice and gave me recommendations about the food over there. He also seemed to be very dedicated to his job and was doing his work very focused(we had small chats together too and he has been doing that since 3 years and enjoys it quite much). It was fun observing what they do. The would get orders from maybe waiters directly, but all orders come from the printer as well. After some drinks, you can see them sort out what they have done and what was still missing. I must say I wouldn’t be sure after talking to customers, recommending them what to eat, to drink and still keep track of what has been made and what is still missing. Then after a few drinks they would need to clean they shakers and filters, which is rather a boring job to do. But it is a part of the work so they also cleaned that carefully. I appreciated observing that and in every job, we will have small tasks to do which are not “rewarding” but choosing the right attitude when doing these is the essential part.

Some pictures of the food.

Cuy (Guinea pig)

Pisco sour + Churos piskpirones + Caueita pituca +  Empanadas de carde de monte

Favorite bartender so far

me, after a lazy Saturday ….

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