Stop 40: Arequipa

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Allow me to continue for one more post.

So I took the night bus from Cuzco to Arequipa. I arrived early at the hostel and met Jose, who was super nice. We briefly chatted about some stuff, and after 3 months, I don’t really remember what exactly we talked about. But the memories remained was the nice impression he left on me.

That morning, some spanish girls were watch the football game, people randomly chatting on the sofa. Nothing too special. I met some Swiss or Austrian girls in my room, who did internships at BCG, where someone from our studies is working too. Such a small world.

In the evening, people were watching some netflix and discussing about some general stuff which i don’t remember either (what’s the point of this post then haha)

I think I met the 2 Swiss girls again, who broke her face by falling onto some glasses in Cuzco, and they were staying my room as well.

There was a old German guy living in Chile, doing some climbing agencies. Somehow he did not like to speak German. Maybe after so many years in Chile, it’s not the same anymore.

The most people I got to know, was actually on the colca canyon trip. And it was mostly Spanish speaking people. There were an Oracle database guy who married a Peruvian with law degree, some white people from costa rica. and a mom with her son from Lima. The mom talked sometimes to me and her son is actually doing some DJ and equipment lending in Lima. The canyon itself is beautiful with volcanoes and falcons, but I did the lazy version, which basically was just driving around. The 2 day organized trip was feeling too touristic to me. But I sort of was rushing a bit towards Salar de Uyuni.

Back at the hostel, some people are grouping up to  do some camping. The would just go down the canyon and camp somewhere. That sounded quite adventurous.

At the very end, I did a guided tour in the basilica. The guide was actually a beautiful woman, who dresses up like one of those fancy girls. But the conversation with her did not go very well since she would just tell me all the numbers and figures in English, and that’s it. When I asked about the life here in Arequipa, nothing interesting was coming out.

The monastery (a non one) was quite cool. The building itself may be typical but the red colored walls gave everything a nice touch. Recommended.

Now I am even too lazy to post pictures … I think for Arequipa, there was nothing too special.

Me, feeling obliged to complete a new post after someone else found out that this blog existed … and now I need to do some data analysis for work …

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