Stop 42: La Paz

Somehow I feel a bit of an urge to finish more. Because I want to write other things after the trip actually …

So I arrived in La Paz with a day bus which ran on pretty high altitude and the scenery was quite nice. The bus even went on a ferry to cross the lake.

In the end, I just walked around a bit in La Paz and did the death road. The downhill bike was quite fun. From 4600m down to 1600m. Even though some places might appear narrow, it is not that scary, only when you look down. During the trip, there was 2 American girls, Banjamin Alexander (a techno DJ who is fairly known, knows Anja Schneider personally), a Dutch couple and other 2 guys from Germany, and Italy I think. Of course, Ben appeared to be the most interesting since he has a life that not many people have. He would go to Burning Man and build a stage there, maybe tour a few places in South America and use the money to travel, maybe has a house in HK and tour in Asia for a few months. Yes, you can spark some interests from other people but in the end, will this last?

In the hostel, there were 2 girls from Norwegian who stayed in my room for the last 2 days. They did not even know where Switzerland was … But they are nice people. In the night, they actually ordered a shot for me, since I just had my 30th birthday. The conversations were pretty lame though, I feel like I am worse and worse in small talks and just in general to keep some conversations going. Maybe, I am just thinking about stuff that were too deeply related to what have happened in the past. About how I should live my life or how my attitude should be.

For the final game of the World Cup, there was a mixed Bolivian and UK guy beside me. I briefly remember that he did some finance studies but now is change his subject. To be honest, I can’t remember that much anymore. He seemed easy to talk to, and we briefly touched topics that may not appear too “oberflächlich”.

La Paz itself is an interesting city. Within the valley, cable cars are actually the mean of transportation here. It took you to another place pretty fast and provided you with a good view.

I also went to the more wealthy zone and had a good Japanese dinner and went to watch a movie in the cinema by myself, which was not that bad at all. Normally you don’t talk while watching the movie anyway, but it is just a good thing to provide a topic that you can talk about after the movie with the person you went. (this part actually happened after returning from Salar de Uyuni)

I think in the end, given the cold weather and me at my end of the trip, I was not feeling that social. I rather enjoyed wandering around in the city than talking to other people.

And this time, I am lazy again. No pictures.

Me, going somewhat a bit crazy the last few days. My brain is weird and is just thinking too much …

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