Stop 8.5 Hue to Hoi An with MotorVina aka Top Gear Hai Van Pass challenge

This post will not be about the people but just a simple day trip from Hue to Hoi An. I only knew it later in Hoi An, that there is actually an Top Gear episode about the Hai Van pass which they call the Hai Van pass challenge.

When I was at the breakfast in Hue, somebody told me I should just do the trip myself instead of an easy rider. So I did. It is super easy to organize, for 400k Dong you can have your luggage delivered and get a good bike in front of your homestay.

I went along the coast line, which Gijs recommended to me. On the road, I saw local weddings which was cool.

And the rice fields on the road are nice too.

It is quite a experience to drive yourself. You would even end up on the high way with your bike, driving faster the a truck does. On the way, there is elephant spring, where I missed the entrance road 3 times. I ended up going back and forth to find it.

The pass has nice sceneries with the view of the ocean. The curvy road is particularly nice to drive on. I realized in the middle that I might not have enough fuel to reach the other end, so I turned back mid way. Good thing that I was also able to see the pass from the other direction, which is closer to the sea.

Da Nang is a big modern city with not much to offer. The hotels are all very close to the beach and it looked very touristic. The marble mountain on the road is a good spot to step by but the small (limestone?) mountain looked a bit misplaced in that area.

I finally arrived in Hoi An at 6:30. It was a nice ride and I am glad that rented bikes don’t give you much trouble compared to guys who bought their bikes somewhere and always need to repair on the road.

Me, just arrived in Siem Reap, deciding to go to Myanmar after this stop.

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