Stop 1.2 Tainan / 台南 – Food

This one will contain mostly just fotos … We did not do much in Tainan but eating from one stand to the next one. To summarize: there are so many things to try out in Tainan (or Taiwan in general) but there really was not anything that blew your mind to be honest. If I need to pick one, then the squid soup is the best from them.

Most of the food are located on 国华路 as Kate showed us, starting from 永乐广场 going south. But the following pictures are not ordered by location nor time.

This is the squid soup. Tasted light but exactly right.

This is some fish skins and meat. Tasted fresh.

Squid plus some fish balls and shrimps.

This one is kind of special. It is enclosed with in the bread and the filling we had is with cream and some vegetables.

This is the longest queue we had. Mostly intestines from beef.

Chocolate ice cream. This store only offers one single taste every day. By their own choice. A good way to market I guess.

“Schnitzel” from a night market. We were 3 people and we were too hungry so that we all took the same thing. That filled us up good and we didn’t have enough room to try much more other stuff afterwards …

Some gilled stuff. 1 Franc for one stew.

Breakfast I had in a local market. Quite sweet and filled with meet.

me, on the second night in Hong Kong.

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